What we do

Coaching can be applied in many situations, where there is a need to develop a different perspective on a problem, or to help structure an evolving thought process that needs to be better defined, and clear actions set.

We offer coaching in three main areas :

Personal Transition

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.  The next best time is today.”      (Chinese Proverb.) 

As we go through life, there are many turning points.  Sometimes we don’t realise they are there until too late,  at other times we are unable, or do not want to leave the path we are on.   Some are externally driven such as a change in the business or achieving a certain age or level,  others are internal when we start to question whether we are on the right track.

By providing a safe space and a non-threatening but challenging environment coaching can help individuals work through the change process.   Examples might be :

  • Personal reflection – identifying and articulating underlying personal drivers
  • Role transition – first 90 days
  • Becoming a leader
  • Managing stakeholders

Everyone has different perceptions and experiences, and often the underlying issues or goals may take time to emerge.  By meeting with you to discuss your requirements, we can develop a programme which uses the skills and experience of both the coach and coachee to enable transformational change.


Business Transformation

“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls – others build windmills.”        (Chinese Proverb)

The transformation of a business requires change in what a company does, change in how it delivers its proposition and most importantly, change within the people that make up the company.   Unless they can internalise the new situation and accept what they need to do differently, the transformation is unlikely to succeed.  Coaching adds a critical element to a business transformation process.  By providing a safe space for the senior team to be able to reflect on their personal motivation and how this is realised, guided by respectfully challenging questions, each individual can develop a better understanding of who they are – and who they can be –  in the context of the transformed organisation.

Examples of opportunities for coaching that arise in business transformations are

  • Adopting to new realities
  • Communication across the organisation
  • Cross-cultural alignment
  • Building a high-functioning team

As an organisation undergoing a transformation, or as an individual who may be affected by this, we can work with you to create a tailored programme to help enable all participants to realise their full potential.


Strategy Creation

“Sound strategy starts with having the right goal.”   (Michael Porter)

Strategy coaching uses coaching questions and techniques to help refine, test and clearly articulate your business or start up strategy.

By creating an environment where open, gently probing questions can be asked, we can help review the underlying assumptions and objectives of the strategy.  We can also explore the personal motivations of the key players and what the potential trade-offs might be.

This enables the creation of  a well articulated strategy with a understanding of the intent and the  underlying assumptions.  These can then be validated to ensure that the external factors are understood,  and what will be required from the team and the market messaging is clearly set out.

Examples might be :

  • Establishing and presenting a strategy for a board review
  • Defining implicit and explicit assumptions
  • Understanding personal implications for self and team
  • Creating stakeholder messages

Coming up with a strategy is only the beginning.  Clearly understanding how it has been arrived at – and how to share it with the other stakeholders – is critical.  Contact us to discuss examples of what we’ve done, and how this could help with your strategy.