Client:  Former international CEO returning to UK and exploring career and personal options.

Calum really helped me bring clarity to my thoughts and feelings, allowing me to make some critical decisions with confidence. 

Client:  Finance executive transitioning into running a strategy and investment business: 

It is rare for a level of personal challenge to be attained with the respect and understanding that Calum is demonstrating”.

Client:  Head of  Leadership Development for a UK Regulatory body :

“I can personally recommend Calum as an excellent coach”.

Client :  Director, Engineering Services and Consulting Business:
Calum has helped me visualise where I want to be.   He is a very effective ally to people embarking on a personal journey.

Client : MD of Software Business.

My sessions with Calum were hugely beneficial.  As with all skilled coaches, Calum has that great ability to help the person “in the chair” see themselves more clearly and without directly giving answers, help them find some clarity.