“Sound strategy starts with having the right goal.”   Michael Porter

Strategy coaching uses coaching questions and techniques to help refine and challenge your current understanding of  your business or start up strategy.

In many cases, the focus has been on the “what” or the “how”.   What is often more important is to really understand the “why”.  By creating an environment where open, gently probing questions can be asked, we can help review the underlying assumptions and objectives of the strategy.  We can also explore the personal motivations of the key players and what the potential trade-offs might be.

Capture Strategy

This enables the creation of  a well articulated strategy with a understanding of the intent and the  underlying assumptions.  These can then be validated to ensure that the external factors that will impact success are well understood.  The details of  what will be required from the team, and what messaging is required to the market to change customers perceptions or existing models, can then be set out.

Coming up with a strategy is only the beginning.  Clearly understanding how it has been arrived at – and how to share it with the other stakeholders – is critical.  Contact us to discuss examples of what we’ve done, and how this could help with your strategy.