Some of our coaching sessions are conducted using videoconferencing.  If you have a session or a call planned, you can access our virtual meeting room here.  “Knock” on the door to get in.

Virtual Meeting Room


There are many books on coaching – and even more on the subjects that overlap such as psychology, psychotherapy and communication.   To help provide an introduction to the subject, attached is a list of books that I have found useful.

Coaching Book Recommendations


Coaching is based on trust, and all coaches follow a strict code of ethics.   The Association for Coaching and the EMCC have defined a set of ethical principles that all their members must adhere to.   This sets the principles on confidentiality, conflict of interest and duty of care that I use as a basis for my coaching practice.

Association for Coaching – Code of Ethics

Effective leadership is critical to the success of any organisation and there is a lot of discussion as to what this means in practice.  Henley Business School published a report in 2017 which looked at what was required of leaders in the future.  They asked existing leaders – and some high potential leaders of tomorrow for their views and combined this with some of the latest academic perspectives.   The report is available here.



Investment in people is critical to the success of any organisation.   Earlier this year Henley surveyed 446 senior managers on what they saw as their priorities and how they were implementing their programme.  One key finding was that Coaching was seen as the most effective way of helping senior managers develop their capabilities.  More details are below.