How we do it

For each kind of coaching,  the underlying  principles are very similar :

We will work together to:

  • Establish some clear objectives – be they specific goals or broader themes
  • Develop a deeper understanding of what is important to you and the underlying motivations and purposes
  • Imagine some alternate futures and how you and others might perceive them
  • Define some appropriate steps forward, and a method of assessing progress towards your objectives.

You can expect me to:

  • Be genuinely interested in you as a person and how you can develop
  • Be non-judgemental at all times
  • Listen intently to try to fully understand what you are communicating verbally and physically
  • Be committed to helping you get the best outcome

I would expect you to:

  • Be open to me – and most importantly – to yourself
  • Be prepared to consider many possibilities and options, not limited by today’s realities
  • Be committed to helping yourself to get the best outcome


Engagement Model.

This can be very flexible depending on the situation, the urgency and your availability.   The normal process would be :

  • A free initial session to explore whether I could help, and whether we both feel that that we could work well together.  We would also discuss what some of your specific objectives would be from an engagement.
  • We agree a coaching contract.  This would normally be for a 3 month or a 6 month period and would include an agreed number of sessions and follow up emails.  Sessions are normally 90 minutes to 2 hours and can be face to face or over a video link.
  • For a specific intervention – or a particular strategy related discussion – a one-off session can be set up which could be from 2 hours to a full day depending on the requirement.


If you’d like to explore this further please contact me on +44 7740 533007 or at